Slovak Society for Applied Cybernetics and Informatics

SSAKI is a association with the mission of supporting the development of cybernetization and informatization of society in Slovakia, creating conditions for the purposeful connection of individual and group professional interests of SSAKI members and their associations. SSAKI is a member organization of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies.


Activities and Events

Academician Ivan Plander was an internationally recognized expert and a significant pioneer and expert in the field of cybernetics and informatics, therefore the medal is awarded to citizens of the Slovak Republic for significant results of science and research in the field of informatics and applied cybernetics and contributions to the development of informatics and applied cybernetics in Slovakia.
Biennial international forum which gives room for scientists, experts in computer science and professionals in new emerging fields of informatics to present original research results, to share experiences and to exchange ideas about transferring theoretical concepts into real life.
23—25. november 2022
Nationwide event to support the development of IT in research, education and business in Slovakia.